U16 Player Dispensation

The Scottish Handball Association, while seeking to develop and foster the game at all levels in Scotland, also wishes to ensure that this is done safely. The SHA also recognises that issues arise in relation to payers under the age of 16 who may wish to play in their club’s games at senior level. 

Players are only permitted to participate in senior handball if they are at least 16 years old at the date of 1st of October of the season year. However, in exceptional cases, a player’s physical development, skill level, and experience may be such that the player may be allowed to participate in senior handball (except court players for the Senior Men’s League) at an age younger than 16.

If you wish to apply for player dispensation, please read the U16 Player in Senior Handball Policy and complete the form and return to office@scottishhandball.com. The player's form must be completed and signed off by the SHA before the player make take part in senior handball. 

U16 Player Senior Handball Policy

U16 Player Dispensation Form