Apply for PVG Certificate

The Protecting Vulnerable Groups (PVG) membership scheme is managed and delivered by Disclosure Scotland. It helps ensure people whose behaviour makes them unsuitable to work with children and protected adults cannot do 'regulated work' with these vulnerable groups. If you are to volunteer with children's groups or in a school you must apply for a PVG. All Scottish Handball Clubs must ensure all volunteers are PVG checked before they commence any volunteer or coaching activty. 

Your club must be signed up as a Volunteer Scotland Disclosure Scotland enrolled organisation to PVG check members. Please contact the office: to help sign your club up as a enrolled organisation.

If you are applying to be a SHA volunteer please follow the steps below. 


Start An Application

To start an application, we first need to know if you are a current PVG Scheme member and also to verifiy your identity. The application is free. 


Please fill out this form with the following information: 


  • details of what your volunteering activities will be 

  • stating if you have had a PVG certificate before 

  • and attach three forms of identity which can confirm your: 

    • name

    • date of birth

    • current address

Forms of identity can be (scanned passport / Drivers License / Council Tax Bill / Gas/Electric Bill) 

One of the forms of identity must be photographic.


Once your application has been submitted you will recieve a confirmation email from the SHA. Then please expect an email from Disclosure Scotland requesting you to fill in a return the 2nd part of your application. Once application is complete, the PVG certificate will be sent via email. 


Find out more about the PVG Scheme here