Phase 3 Handball Guidelines - Update 31st July 2020

This is for the extension of Scottish Government exercise guidelines but not a return to Handball. The updated Scottish government advice means from 30/07/2020 it is possible for outdoor recreational Handball related drills to take place using your own equipment with group of up to 15 people from 5 households .  For Children U18 there are different guidelines for this age group detailed in the document.  This must be in line with the Scottish Government public health guidelines.  

Handball Outdoor Activity for Adults


Scottish Handball Association will continue to follow government advice. Timings of any changes to the circumstances for handball will always be led by government advice during the Covid-19 restrictions. We would encourage everyone to firstly consider the health and themselves and others. 

Handball Outdoor Activity for Children

Organised outdoor sport specific activity can now be undertaken by children and young people.

All clubs providing children’s activity must abide by relevant SGB guidance and have a named ‘Covid Officer’ who will complete documented risk assessments and ensure all appropriate mitigations are put in place by the club before any children’s outdoor activity is undertaken.   

Physical distancing

Children aged 11 years and younger are not required to physically distance, as set out in Scottish Government guidance.    This extends to organised sports activity and the field of play.  We recommend that the maximum size of group is 20 and the duration of the activity is 60 minutes. This will allow for 5 v 5 practice matches between the children. You should try to keep the same group of 5 children together throughout including when warming up and practicing passing.

For older children aged 12-17 a ‘field of play bubble’ can be created during organised sports activity that allows contact whilst the activity is taking place, in effect suspending physical distancing guidelines for the duration of the activity.  Normal physical distancing guidelines will however apply before and after the activity takes place.  We recommend a maximum group size of 14 to allow a 7 v 7 practice match to be played. 

Coaches and other adults supporting organised activity should attempt to keep physically distant where possible, but it is recognised that this will not always be possible. In such circumstances the club ‘Covid Officer’ should consider appropriate mitigating actions as part of the risk assessment.

Risk Assessment Template and other materials available from sportscotland:

Parents/guardians who are supervising their children should abide by Scottish Government physical distancing guidance and stay at least 2m away from those out with their own household.  Groups of parents from different households should not congregate before, during or after the activity.  The club should ensure that a drop-off and pick-up area has enough space to allow social distancing between parents/guardians.

Updated exercise guidelines

You should follow Scottish Government guidance on health, physical distancing, and hygiene.  Information on the Scottish Government’s approach to managing covid-19 is available at .

This document provides some general guidelines to be followed alongside government advice for training outdoors.  Each person is responsible for their own personal hygiene.

Before Exercise:


During Exercise:

After Exercise:


Health, Safety & Hygiene

Detailed guidance is available at: 


Scottish Handball Association is currently working in partnership with sportscotland and Scottish Government to provide up to date and relevant guidelines to all our members. When we receive new or updated information, we will ensure this document is updated and our members are notified promptly.


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