Playwaze FAQs

We have put together a Frequently asked Questions page to help answer any common questions. If your question is cannot be answered by the FAQs below please contact 




  • Why do I have to sign up? 
    • Over the next strategic period we are looking to improve our governance and competition structures. By implementing a individual membership system, this allows us to better track handball activity across the country and better target our resources.  


  • I want to register my child to become a member of the SHA? How do I do it? 
    • Please have a look at our Playwaze User Manual. Section 1 is a step-by-step guide on how to sign up your child.


  • I'm 17 years old and play in the SHA Senior Leagues, can I sign myself up to Playwaze?
    • Unfortunately not. Under guidance from Children 1st, a child is recognised as someone under the age of 18 years. Therefore we require all participants under the age of 18 to be signed up by their parent or guardian.


  • I turn 18 during the season. Do I still need my parent/guardian to sign me up?  
    • Yes you will still need to be registered by a parent/guardian. Players who turn 18 during the season (after October 1st) may only re-register with an adult account at the start of the following season.


  • Will I have to register every year?
    • You will not have to create a new playwaze account every year, however you will need join the Scottish Handball Association community, purchase a SHA membership and register to the SHA playwaze community each season. This is done so we can have the most up to date membership information. 



  • Who has to sign up for an SHA Membership? 
    • We ask that every person who participates in handball in Scotland to purchase a SHA Membership.  


  • I am just a recreational club player, do I need an SHA Membership?
    • Yes, we are asking anyone who participates in handball in Scotland to purchase a SHA Membership. However, in line with the Playwaze User Manual, if you are just a recreational member you do not need to join the Scottish Handball Competitions Community.


  • How much do SHA Memberships cost? 
    • We will not take payment on the Playwaze system however once you have purchased your membership, we will record your membership choice and charge your club accordingly.
      • Senior Membership - £30
      • Youth Membership - £20
      • Mini Player Membership - £10 


  • I do not have a British Passport can I get a SHA membership? 
    • Absolutely, however you must first apply for an International Transfer Certificate. Information on how to apply can be found here or contact a club official. Information on applying once you have recieved your International Transfer Certificate can be found here in our Playwaze User Manual



  • I've made a mistake on sign-up. How do I change my information? 
    • Have a look at our Playwaze User Manual. Section 3b. has a step-by-step guide on how to change your information.


  • I no longer have a need for my playwaze account. 
    • You can delete your playwaze account on the 'My Details' section. Please see the Playwaze User Manual for Section 3.b. for information on accessing 'My Details'.