Playwaze FAQs

We have put together a Frequently asked Questions page to help answer any common questions. If your question is cannot be answered by the FAQs below please contact 




  • Why do I have to sign up? 
    • Over the next strategic period we are looking to improve our governance and competition structures. By implementing an individual membership system, this allows us to better track handball activity across the country and better target our resources.  


  • I want to register my child to become a member of the SHA? How do I do it? 
    • Please have a look at our Playwaze User Manual. Section 1 is a step-by-step guide on how to sign up your child.


  • I'm 17 years old and play in the SHA Senior Leagues, can I sign myself up to Playwaze?
    • Unfortunately not. Under guidance from Children 1st, a child is recognised as someone under the age of 18 years. Therefore we require all participants under the age of 18 to be signed up by their parent or guardian.


  • I turn 18 during the season. Do I still need my parent/guardian to sign me up?  
    • Yes you will still need to be registered by a parent/guardian. Players who turn 18 during the season (after October 1st) may only re-register with an adult account at the start of the following season.


  • Will I have to register every year?
    • You will not have to create a new playwaze account every year, however you will need join the Scottish Handball Association community, purchase a SHA membership and register to the SHA playwaze community each season. This is done so we can have the most up to date membership information. 



  • Who has to sign up for an SHA Membership? 
    • We ask that every person who participates in handball in Scotland to purchase a SHA Membership.  


  • I am just a recreational club player, do I need an SHA Membership?
    • Yes, we are asking anyone who participates in handball in Scotland to purchase a SHA Membership. 


  • How much do SHA Memberships cost? 
    • We will not take payment on the Playwaze system however once you have purchased your membership, we will record your membership choice and charge your club accordingly.


  • I do not have a British Passport can I get a SHA membership? 
    • Absolutely, however you must first apply for an International Transfer Certificate. Information on how to apply can be found here or contact a club official. Information on applying once you have recieved your International Transfer Certificate can be found here in our Playwaze User Manual



  • I've made a mistake on sign-up. How do I change my information? 


  • I no longer have a need for my playwaze account. 
    • You can delete your playwaze account on the 'My Details' section. Please see the Playwaze User Manual for Section 3.b. for information on accessing 'My Details'.